World Cup Parade

Soccer is a sport that is played all over the world.  From our little sliver here in Olean to Europe, Africa, South America – everywhere.  Soccer surpasses language & cultural barriers, it is a game like no other.

To celebrate our “World Cup” theme, on July 12th we are planning a parade of countriesThis will be the first of its kind in this area.


Start Time:  9:30 AM  on July 12th

  • We are asking our Under 6, Under 8 & Under 10 soccer teams to participate in our World Cup celebration.  Older age groups can participate if they would like to. 
  • Parade starting point:  Eastview parking lot off of Alder St.    This is the new parking lot that was put in last year.
  • Police escort from starting point to soccer fields.  Our Evo Soccer Camp coaches (from England) will lead the way.   We will parade up Alder St. and then turn and go down East Spring St. to the soccer fields.
  • End point will be the soccer fields at which point some teams will be scheduled for games and some will be scheduled for pictures.
  • We are going to need each team to develop and make a flag for their respective team country.  A banner will also be allowed.  Flags can be made out of sheets, paper or whatever will look cool.  Get your whole team involved.  Get all the players and parents on your team involved.  Remember, people come for the whole experience not just to kick a ball around.

Bring your cameras, invite friends and feel free to participate by wearing your team’s colors!